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The Valencia Group's privacy policy is very simple. We do not share any information gathered on our site with anyone outside of our company. Listed below are details concerning our collection and protection of private information:

Who: IP information is collected for every visitor to our site. Contact info is only captured when a user fills out a form and submits it to us.

What: Our webserver collects IP address informations for all visitors to our site. We also collect contact information from users who wish to view our online resources.

When: IP address information is collected automatically by the webserver anytime a page is requested from our site. We collect contact information when a user requests one of our online resources. This information is passed to a script on our server using the Post method of an HTML form to hide the information from the browser.

Where: IP address information is stored on our webserver. Contact information is saved to our database which is onsite at our company. This database is within our firewall and is password protected.

Why: IP address information is automatically captured in the webserver's logs. We do not use this information in any way. Contact information that is submitted to us is used in situations where a user requests more information from us. It is also used to determine geographic trends with potential customers.

If you have any additional questions regarding the privacy of any information collected by this website, please email the site's webmaster at Thank you.

"Production is not the application of tools to materials, but logic to work."
--Peter Drucker

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